A Guide To The Employment Law Changes Australia

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Employment law is subjected to change with the advent of time. Change in law can be found in yearly basis in Australia. In each year, we can note some minor changes. With the change of government, policy changes quite rapidly. In such cases, we can note major changes in the employment law. For budding businesses and potential investors in Australia, it is essential to know employment law changes Australia. Understanding employment law is crucial in order to stay away from legal hassles and poor reputation of the company due to the legal complications. The recent major change in employment law of Australia is flexible work arrangement.

Flexible Work Arrangements

It is absolutely important or crucial for the employers to be familiarized with the amendments of the employment law or policy. The policy of flexible work arrangement was added to the employment law of Australia back in the year of 2013, and the law became effective from the year of 2014. So, what is flexible work arrangement? How it works? What employers should know about it? All these questions shall be answered in the following section of this piece of writing. Visit our official website and ask an expert regarding employment law in Australia.


Before 2013, flexible work arrangement clause was there in the employment law of Australia. However, the provision was limited. It was only limited among the parents or caretakers of children under school age. Parents can also apply for the flexible work arrangement to the employers, in case they were nurturing kids having mental or even physical disability. After 2013, significant changes in the request for flexible work arrangement have been noted. The previous points have been coupled with a few more conditions. Person, suffering from domestic violence, can ask for flexible work arrangement. Those, who have age beyond 55 years, can seek flexible work arrangements.

Flexible work arrangement requests can be made at any point of time, though employers also hold some power in this regard. Employers can cancel the request or can decline flexible work arrangement facilities to an employee, showing valid business reasons. Some of the reasons could be like this:

  • Lack of capacity to recognize work arrangement request
  • Excessive cost or overhead for the business for work arrangement
  • Loss in productivity and efficiency

The company needs to validate their reasons for declining the request for flexible work arrangement. The motto is providing better work standards to the employees, but without harming any business interest of the employer. Visit here to know your rights as an employee.

Parental and Pregnancy Leave

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After 2013, major changes in parental and pregnancy leave can also be noted. Parents can take at least 8 weeks’ leave after birth of kid or adoption of child. The employment law changes Australia also gives parents to take leaves within separate periods within twelve months’ of birth of baby and adoption of kid. Significant changes have also been made in maternity leave. Stricter amendments have been introduced in order to stop bullying at the workplaces. With the advent of time, we shall note different other amendments as well. It is a dynamic thing and as per the global situations or conditions, major or minor changes to employment law of Australia have been done.